The Mission


what we're trying to do

Wild Rose Farm believes that having a sense-of-place is what defines a healthy and productive community.

We understand that the whole is the sum of its parts; we want to help create a healthy, happy, empowered Whatcom County. We're doing this by investing in the local economy. We believe in local jobs, local production and supporting small business. We believe that we can build a sustainable economy with community-based programs like flower and vegetable CSA.

Wild Rose Farm believes that we are strong and resilient because we are together.

how we're doing it

Creating a happy, healthy, empowered Whatcom County starts with the soil.

The soil is the blood of the landscape; when it's healthy it can do anything, but when it's depleted nothing thrives. Wild Rose Farm is a certified organic farm. We grow organically because organic growing practices promise a healthy ecosystem, productive soil and clean water for future generations.

We're focused on growing better, not bigger.